Walt Disney World

"Spring Fling"

Orlando, Florida

April, 2004

Monday 26 April 2004

Day 7

Going Home (alas!)

After what was to be my final Fug Pilgrimage, I performed the “dial 677” checkout procedure, as per the instructions on the invoice that was attached to my door – I wonder if this turns off access to the room and the ability to charge to the room key?  I didn’t test it, went to check my luggage, and it was off to breakfast in the food court, where I demolished some croissants with strawberry jam, and fondly reminisced about having had the real thing at Disneyland Paris.


Quicksilver arrived to whisk me off to the airport, and I had an uneventful flight.  Ugh, even at the end of April, there is a stark difference between the temperature in Florida, and the temperature when you deplane on Long Island.


When I got in, I backed up my photos to my hard drive, and basically called it a night, in deference to returning to work the next day.  In a few days, I would create some Photo Shows, plus a list of things I wanted to re-shoot upon my next visit (and once I’d figured out more about the blasted camera).


October isn’t THAT far away!




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