Walt Disney World

"Spring Break"

Orlando, Florida

April-May, 2005


Friday 29 April 2005

Day 3

I awaken at 8:44 am.  The laptop battery light is still blinking accusatorily.  I speak with SIL and talk her through where to find the replacement items I need, and she promises to send them overnight express with Saturday delivery.  I don’t care about the cost, I MUST get this school work going!


After that was settled, I went about the business of starting my day off right with oatmeal bites, a banana, coffee, etc.  Took a walk up the Riverside loop, stopping in at their gift shop briefly.  It’s funny, the azaleas ‘round these parts are pretty much spent, while back home they haven’t started blooming yet.  Caught the bus from the Riverside – South station, re-examining the photos on the cards from yesterday while I waited, to see if I could clear any more duds.  I was only able to free up about 100 shots between the two cards.  ONLY 100 shots.  Remember the days of film?  ONLY 27 exposures!  And no opportunity to clear the duds and try again.  Gotta love technology, even though it is causing me some grief at the moment.


SIL calls and says, “You’ll have the package by Saturday at noon the latest”.  Gotta love SIL!


On the bus, there was a little tow-headed two year old opposite me, flirting shamelessly – he would smile and pucker up at me!  Some kids are just so cute.


As the bus approached the Magic Kingdom, round the backside of Space Mountain, I got my first glimpse of the castle, newly done up for the Happiest Celebration On Earth.  At that precise moment, it struck me as such a luxury to have an entire day at the Magic Kingdom and soak in all the atmosphere and excitement of the upcoming 50th anniversary of Disneyland celebration that was going on globally in all the Disney parks.


First things first – stopped in at the Exhibition Hall to see about using some of my Disney Dream Rewards dollars to get Pass Holder pins.  The Mickey one has a twirling baton, and the Stitch one is a bubble pin with sparklies floating around inside it.  Then I had to see about a Mother’s Day bracelet that Bro No. 2 had seen online and wanted for SIL No. 2 (mother of Newest Nieceling No. 5).  It is backordered online, delivery for October 2005!  However, that particular bracelet is an exclusive of DisneyDirect.com and not available in the parks.  I sat on one of the side streets to call and tell him.


Now for the real mission of the day – obsession with castle shots!  I must have spent at least two hours circling my prey, trying to capture as many of the golden characters as I could, at different angles.  Thank goodness for 16x zoom.  My stalking of the castle was impeded at intervals by high school marching bands coming through – seems there was one every half hour or so, marching in from Liberty Square and down Main Street.  I felt sorry for one band – their twirlers were dressed in long, velvet skirts.  They must have been so hot and cranky in those getups! 


I got out of there before I was completely trapped by the roping off of the place for the Share A Dream Come True parade.  I headed over to get a Fast Pass to Splash, and then to Adventureland for a Dole Whip float and a rest in the shade.  It was really HOT, the hottest I’ve ever experienced in the Magic Kingdom.  The crowds were not huge, but it was busy enough for my Fast Pass window for Splash to be two hours away.


I moved myself into the shady part behind the Christmas shop in Liberty Square, and used my zoom to admire the golden Tinkerbell atop the castle.  I started wondering about all my electronic failures, and thought maybe at least the laptop, camera, and cell phone battery mess ups might be attributable to having gone through the security scans at the airport.  But that has never happened to me before, and I haven’t heard that they’ve changed anything to affect electronics that way, so I still don’t know what is up with all that!


As I sat there, a family passed by.  The little girl, about 6 or 7, was chattering to her father as she swung his arm back and forth.  “I’m brave,” she told him.  “I have on black glasses, and I’m not afraid of Splash Mountain!”.  I had to giggle.


I wandered around some more, and headed to the bakery on Main Street, where I got a ham and cheese sandwich.  Eating down by the lagoon, I admired the rose garden from afar, and went to investigate sight lines for a possible future photo shoot of the Wishes fireworks.  I found a spot with good visibility and a trash can conveniently located right at the railing, which meant there would be no one in front of me to obstruct the view.  However, there were no fireworks scheduled this night, so I filed this reconnaissance away for future reference, and went off to do Splash.


The park was closing early this evening, and people were leaving.  I stopped into the confectionary to buy a tin of fudge for my mother, as part of her Mother’s Day gift.  I ended up buying two squares for myself, too.  The bus was waiting when I arrived at the bus stop, and in the process of loading a wheel chair.  I like the fact that the Magic Kingdom has a French Quarter-dedicated bus, and that you don’t have to do the whole Riverside loop before getting back to your room.


Upon my arrival back in 2220, I found that Todd and Alan had left a message.  I tried to call them back, but they had already gone out for the evening.  I knew they were going to Downtown Disney, and I needed to do the World of Disney shopping stuff for the nieces anyway, so I boarded the boat and headed down there.  I also needed to pick up a quantity of postcards for Auntie Tink’s *~*~* Postcard Service – I’d collected the names and addresses of the children of some friends before I left, so that I could send them some greetings from their favorite characters at Walt Disney World.  Kids get a kick out of stuff like that.


I did manage to use my Pass Holder discount to get some t-shirts for the girls, and a really cute pink Princess outfit for Newest Nieceling No. 5, complete with pink mouse ears, but the postcards were slim pickin’s.  The place was a zoo, and shopping was not very enjoyable.  Outside in the little amphitheater down by the water, there was some maniac leading an audience full of kids in a dance routine, accompanied by pounding Radio Disney-type dance music.  One of the CMs told me that it was Grad Night, and I had an a-ha moment about why the Magic Kingdom would close early on a Friday night, with no fireworks.


I took the boat back, and it was a blessed relief to have some peace and tranquility on the river.  Back at the room, I found yet another message from Todd – nothing like playing phone tag!  I did some reading of the dreaded text book, and off to sleep I went.


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