Walt Disney World

"Spring Break"

Orlando, Florida

April-May, 2005


Sunday 01 May 2005

Day 5

Awoke VERY late, to a VERY gray day.  I actually connected to the internet and surfed a bit over coffee and breakfast, before heading out to Disney-MGM Studios.


The MGM bus came right away – it was so late in the morning, the Bus Nazi had gone home! – and the bus only filled halfway.  It was extremely overcast, but still very warm.  I had chosen today to give my shoulders a break from UV rays, and was wearing my Sanibel t-shirt, in a color that can only be described as “dreamcicle”.  The two things I did right away were Rock-N-Roller Coaster and One Man’s Dream.  Inside the tribute to Walt, I saw something I never noticed before – sprinkled throughout the exhibit, there were some projections on the wall.  Sometimes quotes from Walt, others just multi-colored Mickey head projections that moved about a bit.  I spent some time chasing the Mickey heads around the carpet and walls, but they really didn’t photograph very well.


I went to the animation gallery in hopes of finding a variety of postcards – but the CM there said that after the remodeling, they only got back less than half of the postcards they’d started with!  I was bummed, as these are usually drawings of the characters and make very inexpensive but quality “art” to hang on your walls.  I had to content myself with taking photos of the huge drawn mural of Mulan out in the courtyard between Playhouse Disney and The Little Mermaid.  I did place a phone call to SIL No. 2 (mother of Newest Nieceling) while I was in the gallery, to see which Disney cross stitch kits she already owned, and which one she would like to have for her birthday.  After I described the kits available, we decided on the Happiest Celebration kit, with the castle and “vintage” characters dancing in front of it.


The Happiest Celebration banners in MGM are different from in the other parks – they don’t have the medallions on them, and they tend to be double-hung (two banners side by side on the same pole).


I spent some time photographing the details on the Chinese theater, as I had this idea in my head to do a photo show of Disney parks objets d’art – non-festival related sculptures, statues, and other artistic details.  I really wish the day had not been so persistently gray, as I felt sure I could have done a better job with some sunlight and blue skies as the backdrop.


I cruised the shops along the Boulevard on my way out of the park – I don’t really care much for MGM, comparatively speaking – and finally settled on a book of postcards I found there.  As I exited, I decided to take the boat over to the Swolphin and walk into Epcot from the Boardwalk.  A cute thing happened on the boat ride.  Our skipper was a young woman named Katie.  She could not have been older than 21 or so, probably the youngest skipper I’ve ever seen.  As we were cruising into the channel that leads to the Swolphin, another boat was passing in the opposite direction.  The other boat tooted at us, and Katie picked up her microphone and responded, “Hi, Dad!”.  I guess she must have learned to skipper at a young age!  It’s kind of neat that she and her father have the same job – nothing like keeping it in the family.


I walked the Boardwalk, stopping in at the shops, taking a few photographs.  In the art gallery, I met a beautiful tortoise shell cat, curled up in a chair.  One of the fellows who works there said the cat comes to work every morning with one of the employees!  Near the wedding pavilion, there was a bunny convention going on – lots and lots of them out grazing.


I entered Epcot through the International Gateway, and sauntered over to France, where I had fruit, cheese, and wine for dinner.  I sat at one of the little tables in the courtyard outside the patisserie, imagining myself as a tragic figure in a foreign film – drinking and writing postcards at a sidewalk café, as sappy-sad French torch songs played mournfully in the background.  Sometimes, I just get silly with myself!  Postcards and dinner completed, I folded up my list, affixed the stamps I’d bought, and proceeded to do the country walk.  The sky was looking angrier and angrier, and it was getting chillier.  I mailed the postcards from a box in Japan, noting that it was pretty rude of the Japan drummers to be booming away while there was a concert going on in the American Adventure theater next door – can’t they do a better job in scheduling?


When I reached Italy, I went all the way to the back, where I knew there were some gardenias growing, to get my sniffing fix.  As I turned around, I realized that some of the higher statues looked kinda cool against the angry sky, so I took a few photos of them.  As it was growing darker, I decided to go over by Mouse Gear and wait for the fountain show to begin, so I could get some shots with the colored lights.  After forty minutes or so, it became obvious that something was up, and I went over to the pin trading station to ask the CM working there.  She told me they had suspended the fountain show all day, because high winds were expected.  I was disappointed, but reasoned I could come back tomorrow, and made for the bus.


Back at the room, I completed my online research for my paper, and watched Todd’s photo show.  Studied the textbook a bit before crashing for the night.


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