Walt Disney World

"Spring Break"

Orlando, Florida

April-May, 2005


Wednesday 04 May 2005

Day 8

I put the coffee on and peeked out the peep hole in the door.  A dismal day stood before me, and I was not motivated to do any more touring of the parks, so I had a morning of languor over coffee and the news and surfing.  After showering and packing up the remains, I called for Bell Services to stow my luggage for the day.  Then I sat in Jackson Square for a bit with my yogurt, reviewing a brief list of merchandise I’d seen in the parks which would be suitable for gifts for those back home (and for me, me, me!), before heading for the boat dock. 


All over the rocks at the river’s shore, it was a veritable lizard convention.  Everyone seemed to have staked out his or her particular rock, and would move about nervously when a newcomer seemed to be encroaching on their territory.


Bro No. 2 called while I was on the boat headed for Downtown Disney, and we chatted for a while about the “single rider” stuff.  When I got to the Market Place, I headed straight for World of Disney to pick up the remaining items on the list before embarking on a leisurely stroll over to the West Side.  It was raining in fits and starts, mostly fits, and I was glad I’d taken the umbrella out of the luggage and brought it with me – it was still a bit hot to be running around covered in vinyl, so I’d left the poncho in my carry-on and opted for the umbrella instead.


Spent about two hours browsing the Virgin Mega Store, emerging relatively unscathed with only one purchase – a book called French Women Don’t Get Fat.  The temperature had dropped noticeably, and I put on the sweatshirt that I’d been carrying tied at my waist.  I dined at Puck’s Express, including a Corona.  The pleasant buzz that ensued, plus the good tunes drifting across from Virgin put me in better spirits.


I made my way back to the Market Place and stopped in at the Goofy’s store, only to find that the wall of M&Ms was now only a wall of jelly beans.  Rats!  There’s one friend for whom I always purchase a bag of purple M&Ms when I come to Orlando.  I’d seen them in the confectionary on Main Street, but didn’t want to purchase them at the time because I thought they might melt some by time I got back to the room with them.  I was now regretting that decision – no purple M&Ms, alas!


4:00 PM found me waiting at the boat dock – there had been no thunder and lightening of which I was aware, so I assumed the boats were still running.  The captain told me that the weather reports showed thunderstorms completely surrounding WDW, but not within the 6 miles that would have stopped the boats.  It was chilly out on the water during the return trip.


Back at POFQ, I improvised a café mocha at the Floatworks and sat outside under the porch to read.  At some point, Gregory from Quicksilver called to let me know that the airport had been closed for a while during a t-storm, and what time to expect the driver.  Even though I should probably expect delays at the airport, we were still leaving on schedule.  I called SIL to let her know that she should watch the Southwest web site to figure out what time the plane would actually land.


At the appointed time, I made my way over to the luggage room, and soon the car arrived.  Off we went to the airport, where the plane took off 40 minutes late, but we still landed only 20 minutes behind schedule, at about a quarter of 11:00 PM – good work, Southwest! 


SIL was pulling up to the curb just as I emerged with the luggage.  It was 48 degrees, quite a blow!  At that moment, I was reminded of why I had wanted the big, fraught-with-risk-and-reward opportunity to begin with, and had no doubts as to whether or not I would take it!


It was only a short trip home, and SIL helped me schlep the luggage in the door before we both adjourned to bed.


The following morning, my alarm clock chirped cheerfully at about 4:30 am.


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